Dhaval Patel

Director of Research and Innovation at NemaLife Inc.

Dhaval Patel, PhD

Dhaval Patel is the Director of Research and Innovation at NemaLife Inc., a TechBio company that uses engineering to create innovative, scalable platforms for high-throughput biological research. Dhaval gained his PhD at University College London (UCL), investigating the role of the insulin/insulin-like growth factor-1 pathway in organismal aging. At UCL, he was part of an interdisciplinary group that showed the conservation of regulators of lifespan in worms, flies, and mice. He then engaged in research at the University of Washington, King’s College London, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, focusing on the neurobiology of aging, especially endocrine and monoamine regulation of dietary restriction. At NemaLife, he oversees internal and external research programs, leads new assay development, and works with industry partners to accelerate product discovery and development.