FOM Winter Summit 2022 Schedule

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Day 1 Wednesday, Nov. 30

9:00 am ET
Welcome & Insights Len Monheit, Industry Transparency Center
  • Len Monheit
    Len Monheit

Chair Len Monheit will provide an overview of the Summit and share some market insights on this exploding category.

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9:15 am ET
An Irregular Movement: Challenges of Commercializing Pre and Postbiotics in Asia Pacific Nyx Chong, Kyowa Hakko - Asia
  • Nyx Chong
    Nyx Chong

An open call for collaborative efforts to champion regulatory understanding of pre and postbiotics. Take a journey with case studies from Kyowa Hakko Bio on their journey of commercializing IMMUSE, an award-winning postbiotic, and Human Milk Oligosaccharides, a promising prebiotic.

10:00 am ET
Wellness from Within: Novel Insights into the Microbiota-Gut-Brain axis for Metabolic and Mental Health Harriet Schellekens, PhD, University College Cork

Discussing the mechanism of diet-microbiota-host interactions in gut-brain axis signalling. Also the strategies we have setup in lab to identify novel microbiota-targeted approaches (diet, pre and probiotics) to mobilise the second generation of bacteria for better metabolic and mental health. Using the b.longum as example of how we can screen pre and probiotic ingredients across targets in the gut brain axis.

10:40 am ET
Isolating the Unknown and Creating Synthetic Consortia Thomas Hitch, PhD, RWTH Aachen

Day 2 Thursday, Dec. 1

9:00 am ET
Welcome Back! Len Monheit, Industry Transparency Center
9:05 am ET
Monitoring microbiome effects for scientific wellness using longitudinal multi-omic data on thousands of people Nathan Price, PhD, Thorne HealthTech

To deal with the chronic disease issues of the 21st century, healthcare must increasingly focus on enhancing wellness and minimizing transition to disease — what Lee Hood and I have called Scientific Wellness (The Age of Scientific Wellness, Harvard Press).  To enable scientific wellness, it is necessary to generate large amounts of data on healthy people to quantify the health phenotype and to observe the earliest transitions to disease in order to enable prediction and prevention. Deepening our understanding of the many health effects of the microbiome — and making it actionable to improve people’s health — is central to this transformation. I will discuss how such longitudinal 'deep phenotyping’ data has  been used to: (1) inform about how our gut microbiome and blood metabolites are related; (2) how the gut microbiome becomes more unique to each individual in healthy aging (3) how the microbiome predicts both efficacy and side effects of statins  (4) microbiome differences that were associated with weight loss success or not in a personalized wellness program and (5) how new technological advances such as Thorne’s ‘microbiome wipe’ and OneDraw blood collection device are making user experiences much easier to aid with broader adoption.  Taken together, such approaches hold tremendous promise for the future of health optimization and preventive healthcare contextualized to each person’s unique microbiome, genome, lifestyle, and health history.

10:00 am ET
Commercialising next-gen microbiome technologies Nathan Gray, Advanced Biotics
10:45 am ET
NemaLife - Accelerating the discovery of new microbiome-based products with high-throughput in vivo screening Dhaval Patel, PhD, Nemalife
11:15 am ET
What the 'Biotic? Traci Kantowski, Industry Transparency Center

Day 3 Friday, Dec. 2: Business & Strategy

9:00 a.m. ET
Welcome! Len Monheit, Industry Transparency Center
9:05 am ET
Microbiome Commercialization Trends - Navigating Increased Competition & 2021 Trends We Got Right Noah Voreades, GenBiome Consulting

The microbiome product & testing space has become more competitive in the last 12 months. High growth brands have expanded their marketshare across supplement and F&B, while new entrants seeing trends have launched products or services. We’ll start off by revisiting 2021 trend predictions to see understand what actually occurred vs what didn’t happen. Then the focus shifts to 2023 for predictions, specifically how adjacent sectors like digital health & healthcare are looking to enter the space.

10:00 am ET
Microbiome Communications Panel Traci Kantowski, Kara Landau, Todd Pauli, Heather Granato
11:05 am ET
Summit Closes