In our Future of the Microbiome series, Trust Transparency Center and Nutraceutic bring together an agenda to shape the future of the microbiome space. The Future of the Microbiome 2021 three-day virtual summit will combine world-class keynotes from leading researchers, with insights and intelligence to help drive and validate your business direction.

Tackling a different major theme each day, the Future of the Microbiome 2021 will delve into cutting edge research in the microbiome field, taking a multidisciplinary approach to exploring the science and strategic business frontiers of prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, and live biotherapeutics. This is designed to help you connect the dots between different fields in microbiome science and enables participants to create an environment where cutting-edge science is more easily translated into applications and business strategy.

The Future of the Microbiome will drive new connections, create new opportunities, and set the agenda at the intersection of microbiome science and business.

Our full program is in final development, including core topics such as:

  • Microbiome for life-long health: The importance of the first 1,000 days
  • The role of prebiotics, probiotics and fermented food in immune modulation
  • Metabolism and chronic inflammation: From probiotics and prebiotics to live biotherapeutics
  • Skin microbiome: The next prebiotic and probiotic revolution?
  • CRISPR and next-gen technologies in probiotics
  • Postbiotics: Getting the inside scoop
  • Live biotherapeutics: What does the future hold
  • From population and personalization: The use of AI, big data, and -omics technologies

The global event will bring together world-leading keynotes from top academics, strategic insights to drive the category forward, and interactive debates that will help shape the future of the sector.

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“This isn’t a ‘101: Intro your gut microbes’ – it’s the sharp edge of the knife – bringing together the best new primary research, sharing information new and emerging technologies, and learning from the most relevant examples in business and strategy.”
~Co-Chair Nathan Gray

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