Future of the Microbiome Registration

Future of the Microbiome Dec 7-9 Registration

In the second Future of the Microbiome series event, Trust Transparency Center and Nutraceutic bring together an agenda to shape the future of the microbiome space. The Future of the Microbiome Winter 2021 three-day virtual summit will combine world-class keynotes from leading researchers, with insights and intelligence to help drive and validate your business direction.

The Future of the Microbiome 2021 Summit will delve into cutting edge research in the microbiome field, taking a multidisciplinary approach to exploring the science and strategic business frontiers of prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, and live biotherapeutics. This is designed to help you connect the dots between different fields in microbiome science and enables participants to create an environment where cutting-edge science is more easily translated into applications and business strategy.