Spring 2021 Speakers

Meet our outstanding line-up of speakers!

Mariette Abrahams

Mariëtte Abrahams, PhD, RD

Personalized Nutrition Business Consultant & Founder of Qina

Francesco Asnicar

Francesco Asnicar

Post-Doc at University of Trento and Bioinformatician at ZOE

Kara Bortone

Kara Bortone

Senior Director, Sourcing & Portfolio Management at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS

Charles Budinoff

Charles Budinoff, PhD

Strain Discovery and Microbiome Science Group Leader at IFF Health

John Deaton

John Deaton, PhD

Vice President of Science and Technology at Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes

Jennifer Gu

Jennifer Gu, PhD

VP of R&D at AIDP, Inc.

Francisco Guarner

Francisco Guarner, MD, PhD

Director of the Digestive System Research Unit at University Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona

Lindsay Hall

Lindsay Hall, PhD

Chair of Intestinal Microbiome at the Technical University of Munich; Group Leader and Wellcome Investigator at the Quadram Institute, UK

David Kyle

David Kyle, PhD

Executive Chairman and Chief Science Officer at Evolve BioSystems, Inc.

Maria Kardakova, RNutr

Senior Science & Innovation Manager, Atlas Biomed Group

Stephen Lindemann

Stephen Lindemann, PhD

Assistant Professor Food & Nutrition Science at Purdue University

Nathan Price

Nathan Price, PhD

Co-CEO at Onegevity Health; Professor at Institute for Systems Biology

Georges Rawadi

Georges Rawadi

CEO at YSOPIA Bioscience

Jonthan Scheiman

Jonathan Scheiman, PhD

Co-founder and CEO of FitBiomics

Joseph Simmons

Joseph Simmons

Pharmabiotic Research Institute

Paul Wilmes

Paul Wilmes, PhD

Professor of Systems Ecology at the University of Luxembourg

Mark Wright

Mark Wright

Co-Founder at Health Wright Products

Hariom Yadav

Hariom Yadav, PhD

Assistant Professor Internal Medicine-Molecular Medicine Wake Forest School of Medicine