Edward Deehan

Senior R&D & Quality Specialist, Agrifiber Solutions LLC

Edward Deehan, Ph.D.

Dr. Edward Deehan is Senior R&D & Quality Scientist with AgriFiber Solutions LLC. He has responsibility for both the assurance of quality standards and the development of fiber-centric products that provide health-forward functionalities to foods and beverages. He is also involved in ingredient discovery from new food agricultural residuals, purified and extracted to yield more naturally sourced fibers that are readily introduced into the diet in a sustainable and more relevant way. Dr. Deehan received his PhD from the University of Alberta under the supervision of Dr. Jens Walter, working on dietary modulations of the gut microbiome.  His research focused on purified dietary fibers and how discrete fiber structures can selectively modulate the human gut microbiome and achieve specific health benefits. Edward has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications on fiber and the gut microbiome with work published in notable journals, such as Cell Host & Microbe and Advances in Nutrition. He is the recipient of several awards including the Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship and Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship. Edward is also a Registered Dietitian, completing his Dietetic training at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital with a BSc in Dietetics from Michigan State University. During his spare time, Edward enjoys cooking with his family and has a deep passion for enhancing the nutritional profile of foods.