Gut health is central to overall systemic health. The gut acts as one of the body’s first lines of defense. Today there is conversation on how good gut health can strengthen immunity, plays a role in skin health, sports nutrition and in cognitive health. This is taking gut health to a much broader category.

AIDP offers a range of targeted prebiotics with several advantages – including low dose efficacy, good
stability in a variety of finished good formats, whole food derived ingredients and GRAS certifcation. We also see a strong uptick in herbal sales for digestive health. AIDP also offers a line of probiotics with end product shelf stability and strong support for immunity, including infant immunity. AIDP has an extensive gut health connections portfolio that includes PreticX®, Livaux®, Actazin®, GutGuard® and BeautyOLIGO™ for digestive health.

AIDP, identifies trends early, provides unique solutions and works with customers to formulate strong market potential end products. Our commitment is to source high-quality ingredients and provide proprietary solutions that address formulation challenges.

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